Worship is a vital part of what we do at Crossroads. It’s what we were created to do.. Worship God!

Bible School

Study the Word of God and grow in maturity in the Lord Jesus Christ through Christ Exalted Seminary. Classes held weekly at the church.


Our perform the wonderful job of welcoming everyone as they arrive at Crossroads, and handing out necessary literature for the service. If you find yourself a people person, or just really like saying hi this may be the ministry for you.


Our ushers play the vital of roll of helping to ensure everything runs smoothly. They are there to answer any questions you may have, and offer assistance when needed during the service.

Children’s Ministry

Jesus was very clear just how important the children are. We believe in training up the children in the way they should go, our Children’s Church ministry is a part of that.

Intercessory Prayer

The bible tells us to “pray without ceasing.” Prayer is something that is so important in our daily lives as Christans. The intercessors help cover areas of need with prayer.

Dance Team

Take your passion for dance, and your passion for worship and make them one. Our dance team is always working diligently on something new and exciting.

Missions & Outreach

You don’t have to travel halfway across the planet to be a missionary. We are often called to preach the gospel in our own neighborhoods. The goal is to prepare each of us for our mission field, whether it’s three thousand miles away or simply in our places of work.